Can KingRoot Root My Phone in 2022? Still Works

Can KingRoot Root My Phone?

If you’re looking for a way to root your phone without the need to pay money for it, then KingRoot is the answer you’ve been searching for. It’s the only free app that can root your Android phone without the need to pay for separate rooting software. So, if you want to know how to root your Android phone, then this is the app you should be using.

How to Root Android Device Using KingRoot 

Do you still have trouble understanding how to utilize Kingroot? No longer any uncertainty. This post introduces KingRoot and offers tips & tactics for rooting Android smartphones. Continue reading to discover them. 

Although you might have complete freedom to modify your phone, some features are only available to specific users. Only by rooting the device is it possible to disable app advertisements or remove system files. 

With the help of this procedure, you gain multiple user control of your phone and can use all of its features. With the use of apps like KingRoot, you may automate the entire procedure rather than manually or using a PC to root the device. 

As a result, you don’t need to be a tech whiz to root your phone; all you need to do is install the KingRoot software, and the procedure takes just a few seconds. 

What Is Root and What Can It Do? 

People may not understand what root is or why it’s important or what advantages it can have when they first learn about it. Generally speaking, the advantages of rooting an Android include speeding up your smartphone, removing apps you don’t want to use, or adding ones that are unsuitable with the OS of the device. 

Additionally, if you use a rooted smartphone, your battery life will increase and data backup will be simpler. With root access, you can alter nearly anything in the UI of the device, so customizing the OS is another choice you will have. 

Preparing to Root an Android Phone 

Being an advanced feature, rooting requires a few preparations. 

1. Initial Backup of your phone. When a device is rooted, its memory is erased, and all the data you neglected to back up is lost. Therefore, you should create a backup of all the files you intend to keep on your phone before installing the KingRoot program and using it to get superuser access. In case you decide to unroot the device, you should also make a backup of the ROM that is currently installed on the device. 

2. Maintain the device’s high-power setting. You should recharge your phone in advance because it is hard to know how long the rooting procedure will take. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t begin rooting a Smartphone if there is less than 60% battery life left. 

3. The USB Debug option needs to be enabled next, which is what you need to accomplish. The Developer options may be found at the bottom of the About Phone section in the Settings app. The USB debugging button will then be visible; simply turn it on, and everything will be good. 

Can KingRoot root my phone?

After that, you should be enabled to see the Allow the USB Debug option; to make it active, simply tap the toggle button next to it. 

  1. The KingRoot program, like all other Android rooting apps, violates the Google Play Store’s terms and conditions and cannot be downloaded from there. As a result, you will need to modify the security settings on your phone.

You can download apps to your phone from many sources if you allow the Unknown Sources option. To do this, open the Settings application, expand the Security menu, and select the Device Administration submenu item. 

Rooting an Android Phone with the KingRoot 

The King Root software installation process can begin once USB debugging and allowing downloads from untrusted sources have been enabled on the device. 

Step 1: Visit the developer’s website, download the app for Android, and then follow the on-screen directions to install it on your phone. You should press on the KingRoot icon to start it once it has been installed on your phone.

Step 2: After launching the KingRoot software, you will notice the message “Root Access is Unavailable.” Click the Try to Root option that is situated just beneath this message. 

This will start the rooting procedure, and a progress bar will show up on the screen so you can see how long it will take to complete. 

Step 3: If there are no issues throughout this process, the program will display the message “Root Successfully” on the screen. As soon as it happens, you can begin using your root rights. 

The SuperSU app won’t, however, be installed by the KingRoot automatically, which will make managing the apps that want root access more challenging. And without the SuperSU app, you can still unroot your phone because KingRoot has this feature. 

Installing the KingRoot app and navigating to the Root Approval menu in the Settings section will allow you to revoke the root authorization. Then, all you have to do is tap OK to accept the modifications and select Remove Root Permission. 

If the unrooting operation was successful, the app should show the notification “Root Has Been Removed.” After KindRoot has unrooted your device, it will shut down immediately. 

Bonus Tip. Root Android Device with Phone Rescue for Android 

Here, we offer you a different method for rooting your Android device: DroidKit. You can do much more than just root a mobile with this program. For instance, you can recover Android data, such as WhatsApp, messages, and contacts, from the phone, SD card, and Google account. 

In addition to assisting users in rooting their devices, it is also an all-inclusive Android administration tool. It makes it simple to transfer data from your Android device to your computer. Don’t worry if you unintentionally forget your Android device’s screen password; DroidKit can help you access it without erasing any data. Not to forget that it also has capabilities for fixing Android devices and getting over the FRP lock. Let’s try using it to root your Phones now. 

Step 1: Download and run DroidKit on your computer, plug in your Android phone with a USB cord, and select Deep Recovery from Device under the Data Recovery category. 

Can KingRoot root my phone?

Step 2: The interface below will appear once your device has been identified. Data Recovery can assist Android users to recover ten different types of data. It has all of the file types checked by default. You only need to choose the kind of data you want to recover. Please click Next after that. 

Step 3: DroidKit will identify your device’s status (Rooted/Unrooted) and recognize it. You’ll see the display below if your device isn’t rooted. The device must first be rooted to start Deep Recovery. Please select “Root Now.”

Step 4: At that point, the rooting procedure will start. Once the rooting is complete, you will be informed. 

Can KingRoot root my phone?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why doesn’t KingRoot root my phone? 

Your device’s model, the network you’re on, the firmware you downloaded, etc. all affect the root procedure. This indicates that any of these elements could lead to root failure. 

How long does it take to use KingRoot to root a phone? 

The rooting procedure usually takes 30 to 60 seconds to finish. However, it could take up to 10 minutes longer if there are issues with the network, the firmware, etc. If the wait time exceeds 30 minutes, the rooting procedure may have failed or become stuck. 

What should you do if KingRoot root access is denied? 

In light of this circumstance, you can test out additional free root applications like iRo

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