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The 26 Best Free Workout Apps

best free workout apps

You might not be able to use the Best Free Workout Apps for exercising. 1Maybe you want to drop hundreds a month on a swanky gym membership, personal trainer, boutique fitness classes, or fancy at-home-exercise-equipment-that-killed-Carrie’s-husband. Have fun. We all want to move and gain strength. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is. Many free workout apps make it possible.

While we cannot guarantee your ability to be as flexible or fit as an Olympic gymnast’s, it is possible to make exercising a positive and enjoyable part of your day if you put in the time each day to work towards realistic goals. Get in with the intuitive movement and out with the gym rats. What’s the best part? The best part? The best part? You don’t need to be the leader or fall behind. If you set the pace, you’ll always be in the lead.

It’s amazing how many Best Free Workout Apps allow you to exercise at your home. We sorted through a variety of fitness apps, including running-focused apps and HIIT-focused apps, to help you choose the right one for you. You don’t have to run a lot to be a good runner. You can choose the best exercise for you. Start by choosing what is most enjoyable and then look for a way to make it work towards your goals. These apps can help you increase your activity and improve your health without requiring credit card debt.

Best for no-equipment workouts


1. Nike Training Club


Nike’s app, which is called the “ultimate personal trainer”, offers more than 185 workouts. You can also get virtual guidance from Nike Master Coaches. Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the options? The app will provide daily suggestions. These picks will be more personalized the more you log your workouts. There is no need to keep weights in your home. You don’t need to have the equipment to get sore the next day.

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

2. Adidas Training by Runtastic

Adidas doesn’t require much time or equipment to get a sweaty workout. This Best Free Workout App provides workouts lasting between 7 and 45 minutes, as well as 180+ exercises that can be done alone (high-side plank anyone?). You can also create custom workouts that fit your #fitnessgoals with the Workout Creator.

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

3. Burpee be Stronger

Burpees can be a controversial move in the fitness industry. Burpees are a popular exercise that people either love or hate. This app is great for those who are good at burpees. This app is centered around the classic burpee move and offers burpee challenges that vary in length and difficulty. Are you in the “burpees can be terrible” group? Keep scrolling.

Available for Android and iOs; available with the option to make in-app purchases

4. Daily Workouts – Home Coach

This app is ideal for those who are not inclined to exercise and prefer to do a home workout. It guides users through 100+ exercises that can be done at home, such as tap-out planks or donkey kicks. 10 different targeted workouts last between 5-10 minutes and a full-body randomized workout takes between 10-30 minutes.

Available for iOS and Android; no cost

5. Nike Run Club

Are you training for your first 5K run? Are you looking to break your half-marathon PR? Nike Run Club will help you achieve your running goals. It offers cool features like GPS tracking and distance challenges. You can also get audio encouragement through runs narrated and recorded by Nike athletes and trainers.

Available for iOS and Android; no cost

6. C25K 5K Training

best free workout apps

This Best Free Workout App offers an eight-week program that allows beginners to the sport to get started. The app will start you with walking and running, gradually building your fitness. You’ll be entertained and motivated by the top DJs’ music.

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

7. AllTrails: Hike/Bike/Runt

AllTrails is an excellent resource for anyone who loves to be outdoors. More than 100k (!!) HTML is also available in the app. More than 100k(!!) are available on the app. The app offers more than 100k (!!) trail-running maps, reviews, and photos from millions. You can search for raved-about trails near you using nifty filters like “dog-friendly,” “kid-friendly,” and “wheelchair-friendly.”

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

8. Zombies, Run!

This fitness-meets gaming app was created by Naomi Alderman, a novelist, and award-winning author. It allows users to create their own “zombie adventure story” while running or walking. You’ll hear a zombie-themed drama as you log your steps. (Imagine guttural breathing and rattling grunts) That might just be enough to get you moving.

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

Ideal for quick and easy workouts

9. Seven: Exercise & Home Workout

This app solves the “I want to exercise, but I don’t have enough time” dilemma. You can get a complete workout at home in seven minutes with no equipment.

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

10. J&J Official 7-Minute Workout

Johnson & Johnson, a vax company, has created a home-workout Best Free Workout App. It has been well-reviewed and currently holds a rating of 4.7 stars on the Apple Store. Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at J&J’s Human Performance Institute, designed the app. It offers 72 exercises and 22 different workouts. You can choose between a variety of lengths (7 to 32 min) and intensity.

Available for iOS and Android; no cost

Best for butt workouts


11. Daily Butt Workout- Best Free Workout Apps

Your butt muscle is the largest in your body. It provides power for many of your movements. Daily Butt Workout allows you to strengthen this powerful muscle with 5–10 minute daily workouts that focus on your lower half. Another great perk? Another perk? All the moves, such as donkey kicks and single-leg glute bridges, can be done anywhere for a quick at-home workout.

Available for iOS and Android; no cost

12. 30-Day Squat Challenge

Salute the squat! The app provides a month-long workout plan that focuses on the classic bodyweight move. The app offers 13 variations of the squat, with six different workouts. Users can also take rest days. The intensity increases as the app progress, with day 30 promising to test anyone. This could be a great way for you to do home leg exercises, even if you aren’t a runner.

Available for iOS; no cost

Ideal for core exercises

best free workout apps

13. Sworkit

This app is all about your core, which is the heart of your body. Choose from three different types of workouts with a different focus (back and abs), and then follow along as personal trainers demonstrate each move.

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

Ideal for meditation & yoga

14. Daily Yoga- Best Free Workout Apps

Yoga is the perfect home workout, and you don’t need any equipment. Half of the yoga takes place in your head anyway. Daily Yoga is for everyone, beginners and experts alike. It offers a huge amount of content, including 50+ workout plans, 500+ poses, and 200+ classes with HD videos. This app is suitable for all levels of fitness. The app is also flexible in terms of length, with options ranging from quick 5-minute workouts to long sessions lasting 70 minutes.

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

15. Shine: Calm Stress and Anxiety

Your mind is as important as your body, and it deserves the same attention. 1Give it the TLC it warrants with Shine’s personalized programs that deliver daily messages of affirmation, self-care advice, and a podcast-meets-meditation that tackles a new wellness topic every day. There are also many guided meditations, as well as soothing music and stories that can help you fall asleep.

Available for iOS and Android. A 7-day trial is free Monthly membership cost $11.99

16. Yoga for Beginners

Are you feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by yoga? This app is perfect for beginners. It doesn’t require any special flexibility. With these simple yoga workouts, you can learn basic poses and stretch your body (literally and metaphorically).

Available for iOS and Android; no cost

17. Glo- Best Free Workout Apps

Glo’s guided yoga, Pilates and meditation sessions will help you strengthen your body and mind. All are led by “globally recognized” teachers. There are many classes available for wellness, including guided meditation and stress-relieving breathwork, yoga flow, and cardio fusion workouts.

Available for iOS and Android. A free trial is available, with a monthly subscription of $22.99

18. Dog that is down

Down Dog’s slogan is “never take the same class twice” and the app offers more than 30,000 workout options. You can select from six different instructors’ voices and choose between various yoga practices (such as vinyasa and Hatha, restorative, yin, and many more).

Available for iOS and Android. A free trial is available, with a monthly subscription starting at $7.99

19. Lotus Yoga & Workout

Yoga enthusiasts can browse over 450 yoga poses on Lotus. Each pose comes with an illustration, safety notes, and a description. You can create your own flow by combining poses, or you can follow a guided meditation session with over 100+ yoga workouts.

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

20. Asana Rebel

All your wellness goals can be met with one app. Asana provides do-anywhere workouts (from yoga and HIIT), sleep assistance, and playlists to increase productivity. Win-win-win-win!

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

21. Find what feels good

It’s the Yoga With Adriene App. Adriene, the most beloved quarantine yoga instructor, created the app with her dog. You will find videos, guided meditations, and accountability support. Subscribers can also view vlogs. This app is holistic and will help you create a daily routine that you love.

Available for iOS and Android. 7-day trial for free In-app purchases starting at $12.99

22. Training in Splits

Although it isn’t a yoga app, it will increase your flexibility even if you don’t make it to the full 180-degree turn. Although the meditative type of stretching is great for most people, it’s not ideal for everyone. Some people need to set a goal and it’s better than doing a full flip. These floor stretches will help you achieve that goal.

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

The best all-around workouts


23. Aaptiv

Are you stuck in a fitness rut? Aaptiv is your new best friend for boredom-busting. This audio-based app provides 2,500 music-based, trainer-led workouts. They include running, elliptical, rowing, and strength training. Yoga, stretching, yoga, and many other activities. As if all that wasn’t enough, each week, 30 new workouts are added. You can even get rid of your old gym routine.

Available for iOS and Android.

24. FitOn

Celebrities don’t have to be famous personal trainers. FitOn is a service that offers regular access to top trainers like Jeanette Jenkins, Cassey Ho, Mindy Kaling, and Mindy Alicia Keys. Choose your favorite workout from the categories of cardio, strength, and HIIT. You can also choose to do dance, yoga, or Pilates.

Available for iOS and Android; at no cost.

25. 8fit Workouts

Are you looking to achieve a goal? 8fit is a fitness and nutrition app that allows you to enter a goal and then create a plan to reach it. Although the workouts can be done at home without fancy equipment (between 15 and 20 minutes), they are short and easy to do. They also offer a variety of focus options, including endurance training, HIIT, strength training, and bodyweight exercises.

Available for iOS and Android. Free with the option to make in-app purchases

26. Sweat: A Fitness App for Women

Kayla Itsines, an Australian fitness blogger and influencer, created a popular exercise program that has a large following. The program consists of a series of 28-minute intense workouts. This app allows you to access several versions of Itsines’s beloved BBG program, as well as workouts by other fitness influencers like Chontel Duncan, Stephanie Stanzo, and Kelsey Wells. You can also download the app to help you plan meals and join in on challenges for women all over the world.

Available for iOS and Android. 7-day free trial. In-app purchases starting at $12.99


In conclusion, it’s not easy to find the Best Free Workout Apps, so I’ve done the work for you. I’ve compiled a list of the best sound apps for android. You can also read my Best Reminder Apps For Android.

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