Crunchyroll Mod Apk 3.27.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Crunchyroll is the best choice if you want to watch the latest anime. But many people can’t watch the show because of the high cost. Hence, today we are granting you the Crunchyroll Mod Apk to download on your android phone.

Crunchyroll is a global streaming platform. Therefore, it provides a huge collection of anime content, which you cannot see anywhere else. In addition, it includes both subtitled and dubbed versions of each show. So now it’s time to enjoy it on your mobile device.

Crunchyroll Apk allows users to easily browse through the different categories. So you can easily download and view the most recent shows. It also provides an option to see only what interests you.

It is also possible to download this free of cost. But to do this, you have to install the Crunchyroll app. So let’s see the Crunchyroll mod apk and what are its latest features.

About Crunchyroll Mod Apk

Crunchyroll mobile application allows its users to watch the latest anime and dramas anytime, anywhere. The app features content from over 100 countries and regions, including Japan, the U.S., UK, South Korea, China, Taiwan, France, Germany, and more.

This app provides the best selection of anime and TV series from all genres. In addition, you will get to know about the upcoming titles. You can also download the anime app on your Android and iOS devices.

Crunchyroll mobile application is quite easy to use. You can use various features such as a watchlist, personal recommendations, advanced search, etc. It is compatible with many devices like Android and iOS.

Crunchyroll Apk Features

World’s largest anime library

With over 600,000 episodes and 250,000 manga chapters, Crunchyroll is the world’s largest streaming library of anime, manga, and Japanese culture. We are dedicated to bringing you the best in anime and manga, plus original video content such as anime music videos, interviews with voice actors, and classic anime.

Watch over 1,000 titles

If you are a big fan of Anime, then you have a great chance of enjoying this game. This app contains anime series from different series and is also free from any kind of cost. You may easily access and watch more than 1,000 titles by paying a small amount.

Crunchyroll Apk is a complete package of entertainment for Anime lovers who love to play it regularly. With this app, you can enjoy watching a new anime every week.

Free Two Weeks of Access

It’s an amazing application. The first thing you will be able to do is to download the app for free. If you want to watch anime online, you’ll be able to watch many of them with the help of Crunchyroll.

After that, you’ll need to choose an account. For this, you need to sign up. Signing up is very simple. All you need to do is enter your email address and password.

After signing up, you’ll need to go to your profile. You’ll get the option to add more manga to your watchlist. After adding manga, you’ll get the option to add Anime to your watchlist.

You can use this app for free. But if you want to watch anime online, you will need to pay. You will get a free two weeks of access. After that, you will need to pay a monthly fee of $4.99.

Crunchyroll Mod Apk Features

Premium Unlocked

Crunchyroll has many anime series and movies that you would never find in other sources.

For example, you could watch the latest episode of Attack on Titan, or watch the latest movie of Cowboy Bebop in just a few clicks. But these videos were blocked by other sources. But thanks to the Crunchyroll Mod Apk, they can easily be watched.

And you will get the premium unlocked access too, like the previous versions. So enjoy the premium mode in the Crunchyroll Mod Apk and save your money.

New episodes one hour after they air in Japan

If you are a huge fan of Japanese drama and movies then you must have been used to watching them on Crunchyroll. Now with this Crunchyroll Mod Apk, you can enjoy Japanese content easily. You can watch the latest anime episode only one hour after it airs. This is the most amazing feature of this mod. Because there are lots of other similar apps, but they don’t have this feature. It is the reason why I am recommending this mod.

Offline viewing

We all love anime and we all love watching anime. However, some people love watching anime only through the Internet. But sometimes, you can’t get an internet connection and you are unable to watch the anime.

But don’t worry because Crunchyroll Mod Apk is here. You don’t need to worry about the connection because it supports offline mode. If you are interested, go ahead and download it.

No Ads

Crunchyroll is one of the best streaming services that you can use to watch anime shows and movies. Although the official app has an ad-supported version, but the developer has modified the app and removed all ads. And by installing the Crunchyroll Mod Apk, you can enjoy all benefits for free. It provides you with unlimited streaming and allows you to stream shows at high quality. So, let’s download the mod version now.

How to Download Crunchyroll Mod Apk

It’s not only about anime but Crunchyroll also offers its users to watch live tv shows, movies, and games. If you are a fan of this service, then download Crunchyroll Apk today by clicking on the download button. Enjoy the great streaming services of Crunchyroll Apk.

How to Install Crunchyroll Mod Apk

If you want to install the Crunchyroll mod apk, then follow these instructions.

Step 1: Go to Settings->Security.

Step 2: Allow a third-party application to make changes to your app.

Step 3: Download the Crunchyroll mod apk file from our website.

Step 4: Click the download button and download the file.

Step 5: After downloading the apk file, tap the install button to start the installation. 


Crunchyroll Mod Apk is a simple app that lets you watch Anime and Manga free of cost. It is similar to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

You can select the series or episode and watch it when it becomes available. In addition, you can stream at any time because of its unique features. Also, it offers great features which let you customize your device to your taste. It is available free of cost and you do not need to pay the subscription fee. Also, you can check other mod apk like IMVU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Crunchyroll Mod APK?

Crunchyroll Mod APK has been made available for free download. This mod allows users to watch all their favorite anime, manga, and live-action TV shows without any ads or restrictions.

Can you get Crunchyroll premium for free?

No, you cannot get Crunchyroll premium for free. You can only get access to the standard version of Crunchyroll for free, but if you want to view content from premium channels like Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, etc., you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version of Crunchyroll or download the mod version from our website.

Is there a Crunchyroll app on PC?

Yes, there is a Crunchyroll app for Windows PCs. There is a free and paid versions available, but the free version comes with limited functionality and is unable to stream anime shows. To access the complete list of Crunchyroll shows, the paid version is recommended.

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