How To Share Videos From Mx Player? Useful Tricks – 2022

How To Share Videos From Mx Player?


MX Player: MX Share New Feature To Share Videos 

how to share videos from mx player


The “MX Exchange” P2P file sharing feature from MX Player enables Android users to share videos utilizing the built-in MX player functionality without the need for a server. Now that picture-in-picture mode is supported, this is still another fantastic feature for MX players. 

Although there are many great video players available for Android users to pick from, MX Player has been around for quite a while and was one of the only video players to offer a variety of features alongside the VLC player for many years. 

A brand-new function was been added to MX Player’s version 1.15.4. (ARMv8 NEON). Since I’ve been using MX Player for about five years, I was surprised to discover that there is an MX share option available today. 

You can use this function of MX Share to share your films and videos with your pals. With MX Share’s peer-to-peer file sharing capability, you may transfer files from one phone to another without the need for an internet connection. 

It means you can transfer any of the videos on MX Player directly now; you don’t need to enable Wi-Fi to direct or use outside applications like Xender, SHARE it, Zapya, and others; simply search for the video and send it to the recipient. 

MX Player: 

The most practical video player for iOS and Android users is MX Player. MX Player came out on top in the customer loyalty category of a poll done in May 2019, with 21% of respondents saying they only use this platform for streaming videos. In India, there are about 350 million users, and there are 500 million users worldwide. 

In the meantime, MX Player was developed for Android-based tablets and smartphones. It may also be used on any streaming device that works with Android software, though. 

Countless devices, including the most well-liked streaming device, the Amazon Firestick, can be outfitted with MX Player. Most streaming apps will function with MX Player if your firestick has been jailbroken. Just about all streaming apps on the market are compatible with MX Player. 

Streamers particularly enjoy MX Player for its support for subtitles and cutting-edge hardware acceleration. When utilizing MX Player, you’ll frequently experience minimal to no buffering for all of your movie and TV show choices! 

How to Use MX Share on MX Player? 

The MX share option, the three dots (menu), and the search are always shown when you open the MX player. Update to version 1.15.4 (ARMv8 NEON) or download the most recent version, or just click here to download, if your MX player doesn’t already have the MX Share. 


  • Open “MX Player” to begin. 
  • Click the hamburger menu, then select MX Share.


  • If you wish to send videos, choose “Send,” and if you want to receive films from other devices, choose “Receive.” 

how to share videos from mx player



  • You can send voice, images, videos, and apps. Tap SHARE NOW after choosing any image, video, or application. 
  • Allow WLAN and Bluetooth. 
  • Verify that the other device is set to receive.



I’m done now! This section discussed the new P2P file-sharing capability of MX Player called MX Share, which enables you to send any movies to any Android device without internet service. In conclusion, it’s not easy to find the How To Share Videos From Mx Player? You can also read How to Save Spotify Music Offline in 2022.

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