Can CapCut Remove Background? Complete Guide 2022

Can CapCut Remove Background

If you’re looking for a way to remove the background in your photos, then you need to know about CapCut. It’s a photo editing app that allows you to easily remove backgrounds in your photos. It’s simple to use and will help you achieve great results. This post will walk you through the process of using CapCut to remove backgrounds from your photos.

How To Add a Background in CapCut 

You might be interested in learning how to add backgrounds to your videos if you frequently use social networking sites like TikTok. Bring on Capcut. With the help of this fantastic video editing program, you can add or remove backgrounds, background music, and green screen backgrounds to your films to add creativity. 

can capcut remove background

You will find all the information you require regarding adding a background to Capcut on this page. 

How to Add a Background Photo in Capcut.

You might want to include an appropriate background once you’ve recorded a video. Thankfully, Capcut makes it simple to include any backdrop image of your choice. What to do is as follows: 

1. On your phone, open the Capcut app. The “New Project” icon is located on the screen. Click on it. 


can capcut remove background


2. Pick an image from the selection that appears at the bottom of the page.


3. To upload a photo for editing, click the “Overlay” icon.


can capcut remove background


4. Choose any image with a green screen background from your phone’s gallery once it has opened.


can capcut remove background


5. Click on the “Add” tab.



6. Just at bottom of the screen, choose “Chroma key.”


7. Select “Color picker” from the list of possibilities that appears.



8. For the photo’s background, pick a shade of green.


9. Click on “Intensity” and “Shadow” to give the background a realistic look.



10. Click on “Save” to finish editing using the “Chroma key” option.


Now your photo should have the desired background ready to download.

How to Change the Background Photo in Capcut.

If you don’t like the background of a video after recording it, you can change it before uploading it. Simply follow these steps:

1. Launch the Capcut application on your phone. Tap on the “New Project” icon in the center of the screen.


2. Choose the background photo you want to insert from the photos in your gallery.



3. Select “Overlay” at the bottom of the screen.



4. select “Add Overlay.”



5. Choose the photo you want to remove the background from.



6. choose “Add.”



7. Tap on “Remove Background” from the options displayed.



8. Wait for a few seconds for the removal process to complete.


9. Click on “Save.”


10. Preview your new background and download it to your phone.

How to Add a Green Screen Background in Capcut

To replace the background of a video with another one, utilize Capcut’s “Green Screen” tool.

It can be applied to Capcut in one of two ways:

  •  The Chroma Key
  •  Background Remover
    Both approaches are quick and simple.

In conclusion, it’s not easy to find the Can CapCut Remove Background, so I’ve done the work for you. You can also read my 10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android in 2022


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