12 Best Apps For Graphic Design in 2022

Best Apps for Graphic Design in 2022 – 12 Graphic Design Apps

Best Apps For Graphic Design

Consider trying out several free versions of design software before investing in a paid version so you can make the best choice.

Look at some of the top mobile apps and Best Apps for Graphic Design software available for free.

1. GIMP – GNU Image Manipulaiton Program

GIMP is one of the most customizable software tools available. GIMP offers a free photo editor and a number of premium features including programmable brushes and auto image enhancement tools.

You can get the same functionality with GIMP without spending any money.

2. Pixlr X


A free online editor application with a number of sophisticated capabilities is called Pixlr X. The biggest feature is how easy it is to use because of its straightforward design. Pixlr X features several cutting capabilities, such as lasso, shape, drag, and magic, which puts it one step ahead of other image editing programs.

3. Krita

Open-source software called Krita has been in existence for a time. Due to the many capabilities it provides, illustrators and concept artists find it to be trendy. Krita is well-liked as a drawing tool more so than an editing tool.

4. Vectr

If it comes to collaborating, Vectr is perfect. That’s because it offers opportunities for live collaboration and synchronization. As a result, connecting to the tool and working together on it is simple for a team.

5. Gravit Designer


For vector graphics, Gravit Designer is a fantastic choice. Gravit Designer is a free vector program with a simple interface that can accommodate the majority of design activities. It was developed by the same team who created Corel Draw.

Best Paid Apps for Graphic Designers

A number of premium apps are well-liked by designers. Tools for graphic design software offer a number of cutting-edge capabilities that free tools do not yet have. Let’s look at a few of the top Best Apps for Graphic Design tools available.

6. Adobe Photoshop – Best Apps for Graphic Design

The world’s top graphic design program and photo editor is without a doubt Adobe Photoshop. This software is used by designers and illustrators across the globe for a variety of activities, such as 3D modeling, typography, and drawing. The user-friendly interface, which was made to be intuitive, enables designers to make their own layout panels. Additionally, it works great for web and mobile design.

Recently, Adobe released AI capabilities that allow users to quickly remove backgrounds. The design tools in Adobe Creative Cloud are updated frequently in the software.

Pricing: A subscription to Adobe Photoshop alone costs $22.99 per month. The cost per month for the Creative Cloud Photography package is $9.99. A 7-day trial version of Adobe is also available.

7. Adobe Illustrator

The industry standard for vector drawing and modification is Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator provides a number of capabilities to aid designers in completing a variety of jobs, from creating logos to creating artwork. You must pay a monthly fee because it is a component of Adobe Creative Cloud. However, the software upgrades are free.

Pricing: The entry-level individual plan for Adobe Illustrator is $19.99 per month. The monthly cost of the business plan is $29.99.

8. Affinity Designer – Best Apps for Graphic Design

An inexpensive alternative to Illustrator is Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer contains all of Illustrator’s amazing features in terms of functionality. Additionally, it provides some of its own functions, such as a million-fold zoom.

Pricing: There is a one-time cost of $24.21 for plans. This one-time charge is for iPad, and it is $60.54 for Mac and Windows.

9. Canva – Best Apps for Graphic Design

Best Free Graphic Design Mobile Apps

Canva is an editing tool with several features. Canva offers options to do more and is great for picture alterations including resizing, cropping, and applying effects. This consists of a color palette tool, a photo collages maker, and a font combination picker.

Pricing: Canva offers a free edition and trial. The monthly cost of the premium plan begins at $12.99.

10. Autodesk Maya

One of the top software programs for 3D development is Autodesk Maya. To cover the complete 3D production, it offers a variety of features and capabilities like remodeling, rendering, and animation. It’s an advanced tool, thus it’s not recommended for novices because there will be a high learning curve before they can use it.

Pricing: The monthly fee is $215.

11. Genially – Best Apps for Graphic Design

Genially simplifies the viewing of data. Genially is a strong graphic design tool for creating presentations, infographics, and quizzes. It is particularly helpful for active users who are constantly on the go.

Pricing: The basic plan is $9.90 per month.

12. Photoscape – Best Apps for Graphic Design

Photoscape is undoubtedly one of your best selections if you’re looking for a reliable photo editing program. You may enhance photographs with this free photo editing software’s assortment of filters and effects. It may also be used to convert RAW photographs, deal with animated GIFs, and make slide shows.

One of the top editing programs for beginners is Photoscape, which has features and options that are self-explanatory.

Which paid app is best for graphic design?

The finest paid program for graphic design is without a doubt Adobe Photoshop, with its extensive feature set and customization choices. It has long been the market standard and keeps the tool updated so that users may always get the newest features.

Which free app is best for graphic design?

The finest free Best Apps for Graphic Design tool is Pixlr X. This app’s user-friendly features are its best feature. Students who are searching for the best graphic design tool to edit photographs may find this to be extremely helpful.

In conclusion, it’s not easy to find the best apps for graphic design, so I’ve done the work for you. I’ve compiled a list of the best apps for graphic design. You can also read How To Make Money On Canva?

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