15 Best Camera Apps For Android in 2022

The 15 Best Camera Apps For Android In 2022

In this post, we list the 15 Best Camera Apps for Android smartphones. We have selected the best camera apps based on their functionality and ease of use.

Best Camera Apps For Android

Smartphone cameras are now far more important than they formerly were. Businesses are clamoring to improve the dependability, low-light performance, and feature set of their cameras. Many people will base their purchasing choices on the camera’s capabilities. The idea is that in modern mobile devices, cameras are significant.

Because of this, stock camera apps frequently outperform third-party ones. Simply enough, OEMs are more familiar with their camera setups and can optimize more effectively. This is particularly true for Samsung, Google, and Huawei smartphones that combine hardware-based camera enhancements with AI or other software features. A third-party app, though, might be helpful in some circumstances. Here are the top Android camera apps!

The best camera apps for Android

The best camera apps for android are discussed here.

Adobe Lightroom

Technically speaking, Adobe Lightroom is a photo editor rather than a camera program. But it also has a camera app pre-installed. The camera has several useful features including RAW, HDR support, and a number of modes and presets, and it is generally of decent quality. Additionally, if you require manual camera controls, it has the standard selection. The good news is that one of the top mobile photo editors right now is Adobe Lightroom, so you can utilize the camera app and jump directly into editing after.

Camera FV-5


Due to the lack of updates, Camera FV-5 was deleted from the list some time ago. It appears like FGAE wasn’t quite through with this one, though. Camera FV-5’s most recent iteration is actually quite good. There are a variety of manual controls, exposure bracketing, and even more advanced features like an integrated intervalometer. Simply put, a short list like this cannot include the entire number of characteristics.

As of the time of this writing, the app costs $3.95 and receives frequent upgrades. The only drawback is that some phones seem to react poorly with this one, so if your device is one of them, be careful to test it thoroughly before requesting a return.


Another venerable and well-known camera app is Cymera. It concentrates more on common features. You will therefore have access to several stickers, filters, special effects, and related tools. It also features a function for the beauty camera. It might change the features of your body and face. Though we’re not huge fans of such radical changes, each to their own. It also comes with a picture editor for quick adjustments. Downloading it is free. Additional items are available as in-app purchases.

Filmic Pro

One of the most recent camera apps for Android is Filmic Pro. Additionally, it costs the most of any camera application on this list. It also has certain distinctive qualities. That also features a few very particular manual controls. For example, it contains a white balance control matrix, a gamma curve control, and dual sliders for exposure and focus. It also has additional analytics, a live RGB control, and many other features. This one started out rather shakily.

However, it appears that the app’s creators are actively listening to user input and upgrading it to fix flaws. I hope one day it will be good. If you want to check this one out, make sure to do so during the refund period.

Google Camera

Google’s official camera app is called Google Camera. It’s the one that most Google gadgets have. It includes a few simple yet useful features. They include video stabilization, photospheres, slow motion (on compatible devices), a lens blur mode, and more. Only compatibility is a drawback. Not many devices support this app. It appears to be exclusive to Pixel devices these days. Nevertheless, you can locate and sideload ports for a few additional devices. Only through it can you access several capabilities that are unique to Google, and once you do, the camera performs admirably.

HedgeCam 2


An accessible Open Camera app has been forked into HedgeCam 2. It adds a few more elements to the simplicity and qualities that make it so effective. By the way, the Google Play description has a link to the source code for this version, which is also open-source. This one comes with a tonne of manual controls, HDR and DRO photo modes, several customization options, and even features like facial identification capability. Open Camera is a good product. This one is marginally more effective but also more challenging. You can pick the one you prefer.

Manual Camera

An adequate camera app is a Manual Camera. Focus, white balance, ISO, Exposures, shutter speed, and compatibility for RAW files are just a few of the manual controls it has. If your cellphone supports it, you can even use it to record slow-motion video. To create a well-rounded experience, the app also includes a variety of shot modes like burst shots and 4K video recording. Even though the editing isn’t quite as great as stock camera software, it probably offers some shooting modes that your phone doesn’t. We believe the developer hasn’t given up on this one because it hasn’t received an update since 2020.

Open Camera

One of the most well-liked camera applications for serious photographers is Open Camera. Most of the significant characteristics we’ve already addressed are present. That also applies to manual camera settings. A countdown, support for some external mics, HDR, exposure bracketing, and other features are also included. Both photographers and filmmakers should consider it. There are no in-app buying or advertisements in the app, which is totally free. Additionally, it is totally open source. That is always positive. If you want to help the developer, there is an optional donation app.

Photoshop Camera

Technically speaking, Photoshop Camera is an editing software with a built-in camera program. It enables you to snap images of objects and then dress them up using the app. Both desktop Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom are far more sophisticated and professional-focused than this.

You may experiment with a tonne of filters in this app, as well as auto-tone, controls for portrait mode, and more. Definitely not for your photographic portfolio; it’s more for social media. The filters can also be fairly distinctive. In general, it’s a good choice if you want to make your Instagram appear nicer.


One of the recent camera applications on the list is Pixtica. It has a tonne of cool tiny techniques, and the post-processing is good. Live filters, manual settings, exposure adjustment, a GIF recorder, a slow motion option, support for RAW files, a QR code scanner, and other capabilities are among the features. Even a very rudimentary library and photo editor are included.

We appreciate its extensive feature set and unified design. Some of the functions do, however, require a membership, and your standard camera software may likely still perform post-processing more effectively.


An alternative form of the camera app is SayCheese. It’s a remote camera application with some cool features. It enables you to connect to a friend’s phone and use their cam on your own device to snap images. If you wish to take a group shot but don’t have somebody to do it for you, this is a great option. There are some problems because the software is currently in early access beta. However, it performed admirably during our testing, and we anticipate that future updates will increase stability.

Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera HDR is an excellent compromise for both professional and novice photographers. Manual camera options, 4K video recording, RAW capabilities, HDR, and other file size options are all supported. Fun shooting modes, borders, effects, color effects, and vignettes are all included. There are camera applications that handle manual adjustments and fun filters and the like a little better. Finding an app that accomplishes both of these things well is uncommon. Prior to purchasing the pro version, make sure you test the free version.


best camera apps for Android

A well-liked and moderately potent camera app and photo editor combination are VSCO. The camera portion of this app is a little basic and less capable than your phone’s native camera app or other apps. The photo editing side, however, is one of the best for mobile.

There are numerous effects, filters, and settings available. It also includes several of these similar videos for video content. Its capacity to mimic a variety of other cameras is possibly its most distinctive feature. However, this program can get quite pricey, and several of its most appealing features are hidden behind a $19.99 yearly paywall.

Your stock camera app

Every phone has a camera app on it. You ought to unquestionably give that software a good chance. These apps are created by manufacturers exclusively for your device’s camera. These apps frequently have functionality that other apps do not. Additionally, the post-processing is customized for your camera, unlike most other applications, which only do their best.

You might think it’s ridiculous that we’ve included your stock camera applications on this page, but we guarantee you that it’s because no other software will offer the same picture quality or device-specific capabilities.


Because of this, stock camera apps frequently outperform third-party ones. Simply enough, OEMs are more familiar with their camera setups and can optimize more effectively. This is particularly true for Google, Huawei, and Samsung smartphones that combine hardware-based camera enhancements with AI and other features and functionality.

A third-party app, though, might be helpful in some circumstances. Here are the top Android camera apps!

In conclusion, it’s not easy to find the Best Camera Apps for Android, so I’ve done the work for you. I’ve compiled a list of the 15 Best Camera Apps for Android in 2022. You can also read Best Camera Phone.

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