How Kinemaster Remove Watermark in 2022? Easy Tricks

How Kinemaster Remove Watermark?

Kinemaster is an online platform that provides a wide range of services for small and medium businesses, including video marketing, website design, SEO, and PPC advertising. They’re a great choice if you want to make your business more visible and profitable.

Do you think using Kinemaster is fascinating?

It is without a doubt a fantastic video editor that offers a wide range of video editing tools, including the addition of transition effects, multiple layers, audio filters, music, text, handwritten overlays, and a lot more. 

The subject of this post is how to erase the Kinemaster copyright notice for free. You’ll discover many tools you can use to get rid of the kinemaster watermark. 


Tool No.1  The Easiest Way to Remove Watermark from Kinemaster -MarkGo 

There is a variety of software that may be used to erase watermarks from videos, but it has some limitations. Few are too challenging to use, others need a certain amount of expertise to utilize, and some lack quality and features.  

MarkGo is a computer application that offers a simple user interface, higher quality, and quick processing. Professionals and newbies can both benefit from it equally. It may be used to remove watermarks from any kind of video, including those on YouTube, Kinemaster, and other platforms. 

The segmentation of the video is MarkGo’s innovative and appealing feature. You can divide the video into segments and choose watermarks for each segment if the watermark’s position is fluid and varies while the video plays. To remove the Kinemaster watermark right away, download MarkGo

Step 1: To download and run iMyFone MarkGo. 

The desktop window of iMyFone MarkGo on your PC will show four key features. By using those features, watermarks from both videos and images can be taken out. You should pick Remove Video Watermark for the time being. 

 Step 2: Introducing the video to MarkGo.

You must now choose a video from your laptop or computer. To do this, select the video from which you wish to remove the Kinemaster watermark free by selecting the Add Video button on the window. 

 Step 3: Start the watermark removal process

You only need to drag the provided selection box onto the watermark wherever it is in the video once uploading is complete. You may always alter the size of the selection box to make it coincide with the size of the watermark, regardless of whether the watermark is a logo, an image, or text. 

Step 4: video export and preview. 

Yes, you’re done; click the play icon to view the video your desire. By selecting the Export button on the right side, you may then export the file.

Tool No 2: Erase Watermark in Kinemaster Application For Android 

If you’re using Android and do not wish to utilize any additional Windows software to erase the Kinemaster watermark, follow these instructions. On Android, you must download the Kinemaster app’s active version without a watermark. Since it is an unlicensed version, there won’t be a watermark after editing, and there is no fee. Let’s have a look at how to do it step by step. 

Step 1: Go to App details in settings and erase all data if Kinemaster has been installed on your phone. Remove the app after cleaning the data. The existing files must be deleted after this step. You can skip this step if you have never downloaded the app on your device. However, install it from the Google Playstore, erase the data, and remove the app if you already had it installed. 

Step 2: You must now download the latest Kinemaster app APK (cracked version) without a watermark. 

Step 3: Next, launch the application and choose the video you wish to modify. You won’t see a Kinemaster watermark when you publish the video. 

how to remove kinemaster watermark

Step 4: As you notice in the image up top, Kinemaster’s watermark is not present. You can already modify the video however you like; once you are through, click the Export option to obtain the altered Kinemaster video without a watermark.

Tool No 3: Delete Unwanted Kinemaster Watermark Through Cropping.

This is an additional free method of removing the Kinemaster watermark. The editable video has the Kinemaster watermark logo in the upper right corner. By using the Trim and Edit Video Editor to crop that specific area, you can profit from it. Following your download from the Play Store, you must take the following actions. 

Step 1: To install the necessary app on your Android device, search for Crop & Trim Video Editor in the Google Play Store. 

Step 2: Several functions will be available when you launch the app after installation. By choosing the Crop button, you can navigate the Kinemaster-watermarked video. 

Step 3:  A box would then appear, which you must move to fit the watermark area. To stop the video from being cropped and preserve its valuable content, you can move the box both horizontally and vertically. 


Step 4: To ensure your contentment, play the cropped video in the app. 

Step 5: At this point, you are prepared to save the video. To do so, simply click the check icon to continue. 


To erase the Kinemaster watermark on your iPhone, you may also discover many iOS programs like the Video Eraser app. 

Tool No 4: Get Rid of Kinemaster Watermark with Online Tool.

Kapwing is a good option if your video isn’t too big and you want to eliminate the Kinemaster watermark or logo by utilizing an online watermark removal tool. 

One of the finest video editing programs is Kapwing, where you may clip your films to remove watermarks. A steady internet connection is required. You only need to take the actions listed below. You can ultimately export the edited video without compromising its format or quality. 

Step 1: Start your web browser and navigate to the aforementioned website as the first step. 

Step 2: Simply select the “Start Editing” tab that is located here. 

Step 3: A window where you can browse for the video file you want to eliminate the watermark from will open. Drag the file there and then click the Go through. 

how kinemaster remove watermark

Step 4: A window with numerous video editing capabilities, including one for cropping, will be displayed. Toggle the Crop button.

Step 5: A selection box will appear. With the help of the Kinemaster watermark or logo, you can clip out the desired region. 

how kinemaster remove watermark

Step 6: To prepare your file for export, tap the “Done Cropping” icon just at bottom of the screen. 

Step 7: At the top, there will be an “Export Video” button. Install the watermark-free video by clicking on it.

Final Words 

You must always ensure that your films are watermark-free before posting them on social media or your website. You should remove it, whether it is a watermark from Kinemaster or another program. 

We have explored several ways to get rid of the Kinemaster watermark or logo, and you can select one that best suits your needs and level of comfort. However, utilizing MarkGo is the ideal option if you’re working on a Windows or Mac computer because it’s one of the safest watermark removers and the shortest and simplest approach to remove the Kinemaster logo png. Additionally, it may eliminate date stamps from images, 

By following the instructions in this article, even a novice user of MarkGo can utilize it with ease. MarkGo is appropriate for everyone, experienced or novice. 

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