How To Use Touch VPN? A Complete Guide – 2022

How To Use Touch VPN?

The use of mobile devices is very common these days. They are very convenient and can be used to access a lot of information, which makes them very popular. However, there are some problems associated with the use of mobile devices. One of the biggest issues is that they have a limited amount of storage space. If you want to save a file that you have downloaded, you will need to delete it from the device. This can be quite frustrating for many people, especially if they are on a long trip or travelling. In this post, we will tell you how to use a touch VPN to solve this problem.

Touch VPN Review: Free, But Is It Safe? 

The fact that Touch VPN is a new player in the VPN industry and is completely free to use makes it particularly intriguing. 

Touch VPN advertises that its service would “guard your data from hackers” and let you “browse the web anonymously,” but we were dubious about its veracity due to the website’s obvious lack of valuable information and the absence of paid subscriptions. 

Is Touch VPN using the appropriate touch?

“Touch VPN is a great app, but I’m having issues with the touch screen.” You’re not alone. With so many different devices out there and so much variation in screen sizes, you may not be sure how to best optimize your app for your customers’ touch screens. And that’s a problem because the most important part of your app is how it feels to the user. If you don’t know what works and what doesn’t, you can’t improve your app. 

Is using it genuinely safe and reliable?

And how good is it? 

That is what our Touch VPN review will reveal. To quickly go to the part you want to read, utilize the table of contents below. 

What is Touch VPN? 


In 2014, Touch VPN Inc. was founded. 2015 saw the acquisition of Touch VPN by Anchor Free, the security firm financed by Goldman Sachs that also controls Betterment and Hotspot Shield. 

When discussing the deal at the time, Craig Vachon, the corporate development leader for Anchor Free, expressed optimism: “We believe that the combination of our firms’ capabilities may render the technology of other VPN companies obsolete.” 

However, in 2019, Anchor Free changed its name to Pango, and its US address is 1800 Seaport Boulevard in Redwood City, California. So, Touch VPN is a United States-based VPN service provider. This is truly bad news because the US is the main participant in the Five-Eyes intelligence-sharing infrastructure and has incredibly intrusive privacy regulations. 

Usability of touch VPN 

Official website 

The official Touch VPN website is straightforward and divided into 4 sections: 

  • About. Why ought you select Touch VPN? 
  • Platforms. Which systems are compatible with Touch VPN? 
  • Servers. How many locations and servers do Touch VPN provide? 
  • Feedback. What is Touch VPN being discussed? 

We looked around their website in search of more details but shortly gave up. With a few general statements of what it can achieve, it is effectively a single page of basic marketing. And we think that’s unfortunate since newcomers might need additional information to fully grasp the business. 

Supported devices 

Windows, Mac, iOS, Apps, Safari, Google, and Firefox can all use Touch VPN. However, you might need to seek elsewhere if you’re searching for a Vpn provider that you can use with your Smart TV, routers, or Linux distribution.

How To Use Touch VPN ? 


With the help of helpful links on the website, it’s simple to download and run Touch VPN on your Mobile, iPhone, iPad, or iPad in just a few clicks. It’s also simple to get the Chrome browser extension. 

Touch VPN has a destination list, a “Connect” button, and a condensed menu, like the majority of other VPN programmers. You may select from its procedures. Additionally, you may activate its split tunnelling feature, which enables some of your traffic to connect directly to the Internet while the rest passes through to the Touch VPN tunnel. 

United States, UK, Canada, France, Holland, German, and Russia request relatively few countries where the Chrome extension is available, but there is more authority than you may anticipate in these countries. A new screen with options to prevent trackers, advertisements, ads, malware, and WebRTC breaches will appear once you tap “Connect.” Additionally, you can instruct Touch VPN to connect automatically whenever you visit a particular website while designating other websites to be visited using your regular connection. 

While the installation process is simple and quick overall, the Android version has a lot of advertising and a very unpleasant tendency to repeatedly request you to leave positive reviews, which may drive you crazy. 

Touch VPN performance 

Servers and locations 

Touch VPN is not for you if you enjoy travelling and want to safeguard your online safety in nations whose names you can’t even spell. In actuality, there are only approximately 25 servers spread throughout about 30 nations.  

It undoubtedly gives you the absolute necessities of sites in the nations with the most population. Although it guarantees the majority of users will be satisfied, this falls well short of providing the versatility and coverage that other paid Vpn companies deliver. 

Additionally, Touch VPN doesn’t offer Dedicated IPs on any of its servers, only Sharing IPs, which is fantastic for anonymity. Additionally, the lack of SmartDNS in the service is a major disappointment for those who enjoy streaming. 

The company’s usage of phoney VPN servers is disputed by several customers. The desktop client will eventually display the information for a different location, even if you are linked to a different server in a specific area. In light of this, it may be difficult to trust Touch VPN. 


We must admit that when we began conducting our Touch VPN review, our hopes were not particularly high. Given that it is free, its speed test result might not be as striking as that of other subscription providers. 

Speed tests carried out by professionals in the field have validated our hypothesis. On the United States server, the maximum upload speed was 6.68 Mbps, while the maximum download speed was 24.27 Mbps. The upload speed for the Holland server was limited to 32.80 Mbps, and the upload speed was 25 Mbps. The ping, or the amount of time it took for your application to react and obtain a response, was 43

These results can be contrasted with those from other VPN services to highlight the differences. Touch VPN is not a provider of internet protection geared toward individuals seeking speed or immediate server responsiveness. As a result, you’ll need to search elsewhere if you want a service that enables you to stream Full HD or, more foolishly, Netflix. 

Touch VPN security 

We are unable to endorse Touch VPN to anyone who values their online privacy. 

Touch VPN employs the PPTP method, which is currently old, insecure, and vulnerable to attack. The only benefit of adopting PPTP is that it frequently outperforms other protocols in terms of speed. You can switch back and forth between the app’s IPsec and Hydra TCP methods. In this blog post, you can read more about different protocols kinds. 

Sadly, there are so few extra security features to speak of. The absence of a VPN kill switch option implies that your real IP address would be exposed to your Internet Provider’s possible hackers, and snoopers if the Vpn service were to fail for any reason. 

Ad/malware blockers and WebRTC blockers are built into the programme, although it is impossible to determine how successful they are. Although we appreciate Touch VPN’s honesty and transparency regarding privacy and security, the techniques they employ are much less safe than those provided by other VPN companies. 

Touch VPN privacy and policies 


Since Touch VPN is headquartered in the United States one of the lowest privacy-friendly nations in the world, it is liable to intrusive surveillance legislation and agreements involving the sharing of intelligence. 

This is the last statement you want to know from a VPN provider, but Touch VPN acknowledges it will “share your private information and other details in rare instances if we have good cause to feel that it is essential,” which is even more alarming. The company continues by stating that it “cannot promise” that its technology will be “completely safe,” which is once again quite alarming. 

Pros and cons of using Touch VPN 


  • completely without cost 
  • Simple to use 
  •  limitless devices, and limitless bandwidth 


  • A constrained variety of servers and places 
  • Slow motion 
  • Poor logging procedures 
  • No servers will authorise torrenting 
  • No sophisticated privacy features 
  • Under the authority of 5Eyes 
  • Inadequate client service 

Alternatives to Touch VPN 

Tunnel Bear 

With Tunnel Bear’s VPN service, you can expect steady performance, average speeds, and no DNS leaks. It safeguards your incognito by not retaining activity logs and comes with a few useful security features. 

What makes Tunnel Bear special, then? 

  • A fantastic free plan is offered by Tunnel Bear. 
  • Its user interface is entertaining, clear, and simple to use. 
  • Strong AES 256-bit protection is used. 
  • Its confidentiality is comprehensive and current. 

Proton VPN 

With Proton VPN, a potent VPN solution, you may get the best performance, fastest speeds, and highest level of privacy and security. It supports up to 10 ways of accomplishing, doesn’t maintain any logs, and has built-in Tor and P2P functionality. 

What sets Proton VPN apart

  • It’s simple to download and set up Proton VPN. 
  • An additional layer of encryption can be provided by its Secure Core servers. 
  • It upholds a strict no-logs rule for privacy. 
  • Most streaming websites can be unblocked using it. 
  • A 1-month money-back guarantee is provided. 
  • Payments in cash and Bitcoin are accepted. 

The final verdict 

So, would we suggest Touch VPN?  

No, is the response. 

Even while its $zero price tag could tempt you, you should exercise caution. Touch VPN has the right to record and store your data as soon as you sign up to sell it to third parties. 

Let us know if you believe we’ve omitted something from this evaluation of Touch VPN. To locate the best services to settle down for further information, we advise you to stay up to date with our VPN review series. 

In conclusion, it’s not easy to find the How To Use Touch VPN? You can also read 6 Best Free VPNs 2022.

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