How To Remove CamScanner Watermark? Quick Solution 2022

How To Remove CamScanner Watermark?

If you are using a digital camera to scan images and you are using the CamScanner watermark software then you will find it annoying that the watermark is always there. It will come up when you are scanning a document, photo, or image. In this article, we will show you how to remove the CamScanner watermark from your scanned image.

5 Easy Methods: You can use them to discover how to get rid of CamScanner scans from PDF files. 

Every smartphone user should have the app CamScanner because it is so useful. You may scan files, QR codes, and a variety of other items, such as ID cards and passports, using CamScanner. Following scanning, you can share these documents with others right away via email or Google Drive. 

During the scanning process, CamScanner also allows you to trim, rotate, and modify the brightness of documents. Millions of smartphone users use CamScanner today to save time. 

Since CamScanner is a free app, its creators included the watermark “scanned by CamScanner” on any PDF files they created for distribution to advertise their product. Even if documents scanned using CamScanner are now accepted worldwide, some individuals prefer to share PDF files without the watermark, usually on official platforms. 

There are several CamScanner alternatives available, none of which add a watermark after scanning. 

How to remove scanned by CamScanner from PDF files 

1. Remove the tag using CamScanner cloud storage 

The quickest and easiest method to undo a CamScanner scan is to first submit the document to the CamScanner cloud. Open camscanner. com in any browser on a desktop computer and log in using your credentials. Click on the file you want to download and choose PDF after it finishes downloading. You may download the pdf without a watermark using this method. 

2. Use the save as gallery option to remove scanned by CamScanner from PDF 

After a thorough scan, click the image to save it to the gallery. You can email that photograph to someone from the gallery. Use any Pdf printer or Microsoft PDF Print to convert that image to a PDF after downloading it to a desktop or laptop. The sole limitation of this option is that you cannot combine numerous documents into a single PDF. You must use straightforward software, such as a pdf merger, to combine numerous files. 


3. Using Google Drive remove scanned by CamScanner 

Open the file on Google Drive after uploading the scanned image there. Print the file using drive options. Choose “Print as PDF” from the drop-down selection of printers. If your Android phone doesn’t already have this feature, you can download Google Cloud Print. Use any tool to share a PDF file once it has been prepared. 

How To Remove CamScanner Watermark?


4. Using third-party PDF editor apps or PDF editor software on a computer 

Using the Foxit PDF editor app on an Android phone, this mark can be completely removed. Additionally, you can eliminate the data captured by a cam scanner using the computer programs Foxit PDF Editor or Adobe Acrobat Professional. 

5. Using the Microsoft Word Android app 

On an Android, this mark can be fully erased by using the Foxit PDF editor app. Additionally, using the software Foxit PDF Editor or Adobe Acrobat Professional, you can delete the data a cam scanner has acquired. 

Now use the camscanner software, scan the appropriate document or documents, and then open the file as a PDF rather than a JPG. Open the document using the MS Word app when the open file option appeared. When asked to convert your PDF, hit OK after tapping the edit option. Save a file from the three dots to the phone’s internal memory, let’s say docs. Select file.docx as the file name. 

Now that the watermark is highlighted, you can edit the file and eliminate it. After deleting, choose PDF from the options below when prompted to transmit a copy. Send the file anyplace you’d like to. The file can also be printed to a PDF using the MS Word settings. 

Using Onedrive on your PC, you can also eliminate PDF files that have been scanned by CamScanner. 

Wrap up 

I believe you now understand the five methods for removing CamScanner scans from PDF files. You’ve also learned how to use the MS Office Android app to edit PDF files, among other things. Please leave a comment if you have any further suggestions or questions. 

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