10 Best Reminder Apps For Android in 2022

10 Best Reminder Apps For Android

There is an app for that, which is fortunate because we are all occasionally forgetful.

 best reminder apps for Android


Everyone occasionally needs a gentle reminder to complete tasks. We frequently become sidetracked from our goals since the world we live in is full of shiny objects and other distractions. Setting reminders can therefore not only be useful but also a lifesaver in some circumstances. Reminders can be used in several ways on Android. You can set them up in a to-do list app, your calendar app, and some other applications that are just there to provide you with recalls when you need them.

Even some note-taking applications come with built-in reminder features. Actually, it’s pretty challenging to go without a good reminder app as they’re so widely available. Here, we’ll look at the Best Reminder Apps For Android

The best reminder apps for Android

There are a lot of reminder apps. we discussed a few ones

BZ Reminder

A fairly straightforward to-do list software called BZ Reminder. When a reminder is set, the app will alert you when the time has come. The app includes a lengthy yet condensed feature list. Tasks and reminders can be color-coded for better organizing. It also supports Android Wear, has alarms, and recurring tasks (like weekly garbage pickup), and even lets you set hourly reminders for activities like drinking water. It also has widgets, a basic calendar, and other things.

The app isn’t as complicated as the leading competitors in this market. It’s one of the top straightforward reminder applications for personal usage, though.

Calendar Notify

The Best Reminder Apps For Android, Calendar Notify excels in both categories. You can utilize both if necessary because it synchronizes with Google Calendar. It provides a brief overview of your plan and schedule in the shape of a stylish widget. You also receive a number of widgets and extensive customization. You may, of course, add reminders to your calendar tasks and receive alerts for them as necessary.

The advantage of having a widget with information and notifications on the home screen is really helpful. It’s a little bit easier to use than the default Google Calendar app, but you can switch between the two for additional flexibility.

Google Keep Notes


The Best Reminder Apps For Android at the moment is definitely Google Keep Notes. A to-do list app will be added in two to three feature releases at the latest. You can share notes with others using its collaborative capabilities. Text, list, picture, voice, and video notes are also possible. The reminders function is a straightforward yet useful one. You can program notes to appear as notifications at particular locations or times. For example, you can program your GPS to display a note about your shopping list when it detects that you are near a grocery store. It also had a significant revamp in late 2018 that improves its aesthetic appeal.

Heynote – Best Reminder Apps For Android

 best reminder apps for Android

Heynote is a bit of an unknown in this market. Actually, it’s a note-taking app combined with a live wallpaper app. To keep reminders directly on your homepage at all times, simply write notes on your background and re-apply them. It’s a clever technique to complete the task without using a widget or additional push notifications. You can write notes over your current wallpaper or make them over plain backgrounds. Just keep in mind that since this is a wallpaper app, you will still need to manually change your wallpaper if you change your mind. Additionally, as of this writing, it is totally free.

Life Reminders

One of the basic reminder apps is called Life Reminders. It enables you to make tasks with due dates. Simply said, the app serves as a reminder when the time comes. Additionally, it allows scheduling the sending of SMS/text messages or phone calls. On a day, weekly, or monthly basis, tasks might be repeated. The app uses Material Design, offers seven languages, and has other features. Other than that, the software is straightforward and effective. Most functions are available in the free version.

Memorigi – Best Reminder Apps For Android


A personal planner and to-do list app, Memorigi. It performs as you would anticipate. Your schedules, tasks, and other items can all be entered along with alerts to do them. Support for repeating activities, different to-do lists, as well as some productivity statistics are included. The “nag me” function in the premium edition is an addition and will annoy you until you take the necessary action. Fortunately, you may receive simple reminders without a subscription. The free version is usable and has a nice appearance and functionality.

Microsoft To-Do

The to-do list software from Microsoft is called To-Do. With Windows devices, it is cross-platform compatible. The ability to collaborate with relatives, friends, and coworkers is one of the other aspects. Reminders, repeating tasks, and some more specific features like notes and sub-tasks are also included. It works on your Windows laptop or PC and is a perfectly good reminder program. Because of this, it is a fantastic option for those on a tight budget who yet desire all the functions and cross-platform compatibility with their Windows Computer.


An upcoming to-do list app is TickTick. Reminders, repeating tasks, widgets, different customization choices, and even a calendar are just a few of its numerous features. TickTick completes the journey with Material Design, cross-device syncing, user collaboration, and more. It is excellent in many different circumstances. However, it functions best in a setting where numerous individuals use the same app, such as a home or workplace. For personal usage, the free version is more than adequate. The pro version, which is mostly used by businesses, costs $27.99 per year.

Todoist – Best Reminder Apps For Android

One of the top to-do list apps is Todoist. It has great functionality and is strong and fashionable. A Browser extension and a native Desktop app are included in addition to the app. You can stay connected everywhere in this manner. It offers the majority of the essential functionality you’d expect from a to-do list software. The fact that the reminders themselves are a paid feature is the only drawback. Your to-do lists are still accessible in widget and app formats. In the free edition, we would have preferred at least one reminder for each task.

We only advise using this app as a reminder if you intend to upgrade to the premium version. Find out the other applications on this list if you’re looking for free solutions.

Personal assistant apps

Apps for personal assistants are extremely popular right now. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, & Samsung’s Bixby are some of the most well-known options. These personal assistant applications are all excellent reminder apps as well. You merely interact with all of them and ask them to give you a recurring reminder. Usually, they acquiesce without any issues.

The Best Reminder Apps For Android here is undoubtedly Assistant, which runs on the majority of Android gadgets. Although she only functions on Amazon devices, Alexa is right there. While Bixby is the one we’d suggest for Samsung owners (provided they don’t already use Google Assistant), Cortana works on most things but is a touch incomplete. Click the button to view our ranking of the top Android personal assistant apps!

In conclusion, it’s not easy to find the Best Reminder Apps For Android, so I’ve done the work for you. I’ve compiled a list of the Best reminder apps for android. You can also read my 10 Best Android Budget Management Apps in 2022.

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