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The 31 Best Apps For Apple Watch

These Best Apps For Apple Watch will assist you with figuring out what the Apple Watch is actually for if you’re still unsure.

best apps for apple watch

For Apple Watch, there are countless applications. The minor drawback is that the majority of them don’t make good cops.

Some wearables are misused and require you to spend too much time holding your wrist next to your face, while others merely temporarily dazzle. That is insufficient for us. We want applications that are both creative and well-designed, and that we also use frequently.

The Best Apps For Apple Watch that we’re now utilizing are what this list is all about, so to speak.

The Best Apps For Apple Watch


Use the Apple Watch applications that are now catching our attention to get a quick fix.

Reward Card Wallet – Barcodes (free + IAP)

Get rid of the uncomfortable situation where you search through all of your pockets to discover the barcode of pleasure that will allow you to enter a gym, check out books from a library, or receive a 0.005p bonus on your shopping. You may access it directly from your wrist with this app.

You can store up to 10 barcodes for free using the iPhone app when scanning in all of your barcodes. Then, you may access them on your watch using appropriately large buttons. Additionally, each code’s absurdly long account number is also available if you ever need it.

Deep Golf (free or £1.79)

Deep Golf could be answered if you think playing golf would be a lot more enjoyable if you didn’t have to interact with everyone else on the course. There is no need for pricey clubs because it is right there on your watch, to start. Furthermore, it is located underground.

Therefore, as you thwack balls around the side-on 2D view, they will bounce off huge underground mushrooms, stick to creepy purple ooze, stick to cave walls, and stick to bones. There isn’t much noise, but that only adds to the sense of isolation.

The Best Apps For Apple Watch – Exercise and Health apps

Apple’s tiny buddy will help you get fitter by encouraging you to exercise, run, and get better sleep.

Streaks Workout (£3.49)

best apps for apple watch

Even though this software caused some members of the Stuff crew to be hurt, we wholeheartedly suggest it for a fast calorie burn. Streaks Workout works without the iOS app, so all you require is your Apple Watch and the motivation to work up a sweat.

The software combines easy activities into four different workout lengths—30 of which are appropriately termed “intense.” You tap on the screen once a set of exercises is complete. Easy. Unless your body is yelling at you from head to toe for not initially choosing the six-minute option.

CARROT Fit (£4.49)

There isn’t any audible snark here, unlike CARROT’s iPhone version, but common exercises nonetheless earn amusingly strange titles. Push-ups become “Kowtows to Cthulhu,” and wall sits are the “Invisible Iron Throne.” It remains to be seen, though, how amused you’ll be after your seven minutes are up and you’re all suffering and perspiring.

Runance (£free)

Runance warrants a spot on your Apple Watch, at least if you value privacy and don’t worry about leaderboards and things like that. You might wonder why an independent is taking on the fearsome power of the RunKeepers of this world.

Start a workout on your watch, and as you work up a sweat you may admire real-time analytics, choose among rolling and average tempos, and manage music. You may explore your exercise history and maps once you’re back on your iPhone. No login is required, and no information is given to outside parties.

WorkOutDoors (£4.99)

There are many Best Apps For Apple Watch like workout apps, but WorkOutDoors offers maps, which the others do not. You may zoom, pan, and rotate a vector-based map which is displayed on your wrist. It’s as if a little iPhone was inserted into an Apple Watch casing.

And that’s not where its aspirations end. Numerous features demonstrate what may be accomplished when you want to create something that goes beyond an iPhone app’s sidekick: You can find POIs to direct you to the closest bar using breadcrumb trails, multi-colored speed/elevation/heart-rate trails, alternative layouts and zones, compass support, a tonne of data settings, and breadcrumb trails. (Well, after all that workout, you deserve a reward, right?)

Strava (free + IAP)

In comparison to WorkOutDoors, Strava has a much smaller scope and chooses a more conventional partner app. You are given a large “start” button, followed by metrics (time, distance, and heart rate) while you sprint across the area on foot or by bicycle.

best apps for apple watch

One of the most dependable applications on the platform, Strava has long been able to function without the Best Apps For Apple. The only drawback is that it slightly depletes your battery. But the more reason there is for you to quicken your pace.

WatchTo5K (£3.49)

It’s one thing to get up off the couch. Another is being able to run 5K without your knees giving out. WatchTo5K makes achieving that goal easier. You go for 3 runs a week, progressively lengthening your workouts and cutting back on your walking time. In the end, you’ll be able to complete a 5 km run in under 30 minutes. You don’t need to carry your iPhone about or figure out how to fit it into your day-glolycra workout gear because all the computations are done directly on your Apple Watch.

Moodistory (£4.49)

Your Best Apps For Apple Watch motivate you to monitor and defend your health, including your steps, standing, and hearing. However, Moodistory adopts a different approach by encouraging you to monitor your mood.

It goes without saying that this is rather subjective, but the application keeps things straightforward simply asking you to score your current mood, gradually developing a picture of your tone over time.

Even on Apple Watch, you may edit entries with simple notes and see how your mood has changed over the last two weeks. You can explore your data more thoroughly on an iPhone.

Standland (free + IAP)

You might like Standland if you feel that your Apple Watch’s hourly reminder to get up isn’t enough incentive. The app’s goal is similar to Apple’s nagging, but instead of bugging you, it rewards your bravery by dishing out cute collectible animals.

A maximum of 24 activities per day, each lasting a minimum of one minute, are counted. You’ll soon be able to see a tiny owl or bunny play in 3D augmented reality environments again on your iPhone. Just be careful to avoid a cute overdose death.

Heart Analyzer (£free + IAP)


Apple Watches already come with a Heart Rate app, but Heart Analyzer gives you access to far more information about your heart and other thumping organs.

You can look at wiggly lines that depict how your pulse rate fluctuated over time after a session of activity. The program keeps track of weekly averages, and you can add complications like a huge graph.

Overkill? for a few. But if you’re athletic, Heart Analyzer appears like a smart bet for monitoring your ticker’s activity.

Wakeout (£4.99 per month)

You’re aching while sitting at your workstation. But you can’t possibly work out, right? Wrong! The clever idea behind Wakeout is to sprinkle brief periods of exercise throughout the day. You’ll get a schedule on your iPhone. On the Apple Watch, however, choosing a context, viewing a quick animation of a randomly chosen appropriate workout, and then executing it for a brief period of time until your wrist buzzes and alerts you to stop are the more common steps. The Best Apps For Apple Watch one might not be enough to convince you to subscribe for $5 per month (even if it’s for the entire family), but the entire bundle is a good price, and you get a 7-day trial to decide.

The Best Apps For Apple Watch – Essentials and Travel apps

You should install the daily necessities as well as navigational apps to prevent getting lost at home or abroad.

CARROT Weather (£free + IAP)

The forecast data in Apple’s weather app is shown around a dial. It scans inaccurately. With a more simplistic version of its excellent iPhone app, CARROT performs far better, providing forecasts that are data-dense and sarcastic. If it’s about to rain, you’ll be kindly informed that it “sucks to be you”; on a chilly, clear night, you’ll be kindly informed that it’s “a touch moony.”

However, CARROT Weather’s ability to be customized is a huge plus. This allows you to modify the UI on the iPhone however you see appropriate. The strength of the Apple Watch lies in complexities, which you can use to have it take control of a face, like a wrist-based Siân Lloyd and HAL-9000 hybrid. Many Apple Watch functions require IAP subscriptions, but they’re definitely worth the extra money.

Solstice – Best Apps For Apple Watch

Solstice monitors the amount of daylight because it was created for those who enjoy longer, brighter days. It also indicates how much extra (or less) daylight there is on any particular day compared to the day before, in addition to the hours of dawn and sunset.

There are alternatives for complications, including a sizable one with a graph and times for sunrise and sunset. Additionally, you may configure your iPhone to send Apple Watch notifications, which might be restricted for SAD sufferers to days with rising daylight.

Citymapper (£free)

Citymapper is terrific software for the iPhone that provides point-to-point instructions for a variety of supported cities as well as location-based public transportation information and notifications. The Apple Watch application is just as useful, providing quick access to favorite locations as well as details about local trains, buses, ferries, and other transportation options.

The steps of your journey are clearly stated and include all the information you require, including the arrival times of incoming trains, stations along the way, and miniature maps that link to Apple’s Maps app. We only hope it could somehow miraculously operate for all of the towns and cities throughout the globe instead of just a few (primarily) big cities that it is currently configured for.

Foursquare – Best Apps For Apple Watch

The Foursquare smartphone app long ago changed its focus from letting everyone know where you were to help you discover awesome places to go, which is much more practical. However, you probably don’t want to be fumbling with your pricey smartphone when you’re starving and in an unfamiliar place.

Thankfully, Foursquare for Apple Watch operates. You can seek additional options, find the finest advice for your present location, and rapidly access key information about whatever you’re currently considering. Additionally, you can set the app to ping you with a notification as you pass a certain location if you don’t want to miss it.

PB: Lost Phone Alert for Watch (£4.99)

Although Apple’s Find My is fantastic, it would be best to keep your electronics safe in the very first place. You may set alarms using PB (‘Phone Buddy’) to have your Apple Watch and iPhone scream for help if you leave them behind should you walk off.

Fortunately, there are several setup settings available, allowing you to specify the minimum distance before everything starts to blare and disable alerts when connected to your home Wi-Fi, preventing your iPhone from decimating everyone nearby when you go to the kitchen for a biscuit.

iTranslate (£free + IAP)

Even while it doesn’t quite compare to wearing a little translator on your band, iTranslate can swiftly translate anything you say or write into it. It can also speak to you to correct your pronunciation through your Apple Watch.

If you upgrade to “pro” (a month costs £4.99), your phone will have an offline mode. When you utilize the watchOS Time Travel feature by twiddling the Digital Crown, the app also contains a brilliant Complication that displays past translations and displays a greeting for the time of day.

Elk (free + £3.99 IAP)

It’s never a nice thing when you’re traveling abroad to do incorrect currency conversions and then find out later that you spent a month’s salary on a pair of socks. Elk places conversions directly on your wrist, lowering the possibility of costly errors.

Even better: the way you interact with the Apple Watch is correctly considered in this app. Instead of using a cumbersome keypad, you enter data by adjusting the numbers using the Digital Crown and incrementing the number of digits available by swiping.

Pennies (£3.99)

In our experience, when it came to budgeting, pounds are more of an issue than pennies. Weld Pennies to your wrist if you’re wondering where all your money went at the end of the month.


You create lists, set aside a budget, and then enter values whenever you receive or spend money. Additionally, Pennies can display your continuing expenditure as a Complication if you want to always feel guilty thanks to your Apple Watch.

MultiTimer – Best Apps For Apple Watch

Despite having a unified name, Apple’s Timer actually stores a variety of timers, including custom ones. They lack context, though, and you’re able to only run one at a time. With MultiTimer, not so.

Each time you set it up on your iPhone app will appear on your Apple Watch with a hue, label, and icon. There is no limit to the number of timers you can set, and all of your devices will automatically sync their progress.

Countdowns (£free + IAP)

Calendars and reminder applications are useful, but Countdowns offers a personalized place to save key events, along with information about how far away they are (for occasions like birthdays) or how long ago they occurred (for example, if you’re trying to quit smoking).

There are several customization choices when editing the lists on your iPhone. The Apple Watch complications can then keep those important dates in your line of sight permanently. Unless you neglect to add a date to the app, you won’t ever again forget a date. Don’t do that, then.

The Best Apps For Apple Watch – For Productivity

Although you won’t be able to launch Office on your wrist any time soon, the Apple Watch can still be useful at the office.

Cloud Battery (free or £2.49)

You may add devices to the app’s running list on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, alongside accessories like trackpads and the Apple Pencil. You may specify when you receive charge alerts on the iPhone and iPad, such as when the battery drops below 25%.

Even though the Apple Watch application is just a monitor, it is still helpful. Instead of going to a device later and seeing simply a black screen, you can quickly identify which of your devices requires plugging in, either in the app or through a complication.

Just Press Record (£4.49)

Simply Press Record is designed to make recording voice memos really simple. The app for Apple Watch initially appears as a huge record button. Encourage it to begin recording. The recording stays on your Apple Watch once you’re done until your iPhone next connects, at which point it is transferred and even automatically transcribed. Simple, and something the Voice Memos app from Apple lacks.

You may also browse and playback previous recordings using the Apple Watch application. The main drawback is that there is no background playback, making it ideal for brief memos. However, that is only a minor complaint when its use makes you feel as though you are living in a cheesy sci-fi movie.

Cheatsheet Notes (£free + £4.49 IAP)

Cheatsheet Notes is a great download if you don’t require the protection of 1Password but still want fast access to bite-sized notes (such as Wi-Fi keys and door combinations). If you purchase the one-time “unlock everything” IAP, cheats can be synchronized from the iPhone app. Each tiny piece of information consists of text and a unique icon.

Additionally, you may use one of these notes as a complication and modify, create, and categorize (into folders) new cheats directly on Apple Watch using voice commands. Simply avoid using that as your credit card Password, eh?

Drafts (£free)-Best Apps For Apple Watch

Strangely, Notes still isn’t available on Apple Watch, but thankfully Drafts is more than capable of filling that particular gap. You can use the app to dictate new notes, which are then automatically entered into your Drafts mailbox. You can also attach or prepend any information you add to an existing note, for instance, to update a shopping list or diary.

Instead of speaking into your Apple Watch, you may scribble notes using the watchOS Scribble function. Additionally, you may browse your inbox and read your notes on your Apple Watch without always going to your iPhone.

Halide Mark II (£2.49 per month or £44.99)

If you take your iPhone photography seriously, Halide is probably already installed. If not, you must have it as it is an excellent, high-end, feature-rich app that maximizes the capabilities of the camera on your Apple smartphone.

Naturally, an Apple Watch camera cannot be created by Best Apps For Apple Watch. However, it can provide you with a real-time glimpse of what your iPhone’s camera can capture, which is helpful whether you’re holding your arm in the air or snapping a selfie with the primary camera. To take a picture, press the shutter button or start the timer to allow everyone a moment to put on their finest smile.

Streaks (£4.49)

Streaks, like Productive, aim to incorporate habits into your everyday routine. This app, which is a one-time payment rather than a subscription, has a relentless efficiency that Productive does not.

You’re urged to pick just six habits to focus on here (although up to 12 are supported). The interface is limited to icons that represent your hobbies, which you prod after an activity is finished, with the exception of timers, which are started by tapping. You may also receive reminders that are pertinent.

The app’s direct approach may at first appear reductive, but it keeps you concentrate on your responsibilities by doing what it says.

The Best Apps For Apple Watch – for Entertainment & Games

Use that gadget on your wrist when it’s time to relax. Unexpectedly, some Apple Watch games are also really good.

Chirp for Twitter (£free + £2.49)

best apps for apple watch

Chirp gives you the option to browse a Twitter feed on a tiny screen that is attached to your wrist, even if you don’t want to. It also offers you access to all of Twitter’s messaging features, which is more helpful.

This entails that you may access direct messages, look through mentions, and retweet and reply to tweets directly from your Apple Watch. You can also like all those mentions if you’re a little self-obsessed. (This assumes that you pay the one-time “pro” IAP. With Chirp!, Skinflints often only get to view Twitter.

Onefootball (£free)

Onefootball is the go-to source for all things football on mobile, delivering news, television, scoring, results, and enough stats to overwhelm the Match of the Day research staff. On Apple Watch, primarily serves as a wrist-based buddy to make you anxious and terrified when it beeps.

This is because goal notifications are sent to your Apple Watch, allowing you to keep track of how well or poorly things are going even if you can’t watch your favorite team play live on television.

Overcast (£free)

With Apple Podcasts for Apple Watch, you can enjoy podcasting without an iPhone. However, if you prefer using Overcast, the top podcast software for the iPhone, you’ll adore its dedicated Apple Watch app. It can control whatever is currently playing on your iPhone, but it also has a solo mode for podcasts. Based on the parameters you choose, Overcast synchronizes to your watch.

The app has a sophisticated, minimalist design that efficiently uses space. Fast accessibility to settings and your list of podcasts is provided via the main view. You may also utilize the Apple Watch software to play something and speed up or slow down the game, skipping any tedious parts in the process. Bonus!


In conclusion, it’s not easy to find the Best Apps For Apple Watch, so I’ve done the work for you. I’ve compiled a list of the best sound apps for android. You can also read my top Best Movie Apps For Android

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