15 Best Free Apps For Students in 2022

15 Best Free Apps For Students in 2022:

Best Free Apps For Students

There appears to be an app for almost everything in the huge digital world, whether it’s ordering meals, calling a vehicle, sharing amusing videos, determining dog breeds, or studying using virtual flashcards for university lectures. Students can use apps to aid with time management, organization, schoolwork, cooperation, and other areas. They maintain pupils’ focus, which can greatly aid in their academic achievement.

Use the student applications we describe in this blog post to keep organized and manage your activities if you’re a first-year student aiming to avoid the sophomore slump. Go on reading!

1. Photomath

Math hurts. Most people become dizzy simply thinking about it. You’re not alone if you get a knot in your mouth every time you come across a series of equations and solutions, but you might need some extra support where it counts. One of the most helpful apps for kids, Photomath can assist with even the trickiest math problems. Mathematicians and those who have math challenges will find its intuitive style and practical features appealing. The best app available for tackling challenging arithmetic problems is without a doubt this one.

2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Never again be frustrated trying to find the appropriate term or doubt what it means. You can now access the whole dictionary on a mobile device. There are a variety of dictionaries accessible; compare them all and select the one with the greatest features and capabilities. Although this software is completely free, updates, as well as purchases, are offered.

3. Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share

Google Docs will be a nice change if you’re still using Microsoft Word to create your documents. It eliminates all the unnecessary Word functions, leaving you only with the writing tools you require. Additionally, it automatically saves your work to the cloud so you don’t have to fear losing your finished product.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly can help you find more mistakes quickly. It automatically scans your writing for typical grammatical, spelling, and usability errors. When it discovers errors, it not only flags them but also suggests what you might write in their place. Although it isn’t perfect, it is significantly superior to any text processor’s built-in spelling and grammar checker.

5. Notion – Best Free Apps For Students

Best Free Apps For Students

It is the ideal tool for accomplishing tasks in one location. The notion is a workstation for organizing work-related, academic, or personal endeavors. You may make checklists, kanban boards, collections, vocabularies, notes, tables, and much more.

6. TED – Best Free Apps For Students

It is an official app of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) international educational conference. TED has gathered hundreds of video tutorials in more than a hundred languages on a variety of topics in the arts, sciences, and business, including design, commerce, politics, entertainment, and the environment.

For users’ interests, the TED application includes bookmarks for such subjects. Here, you can also download the lectures’ audio and video files to your smartphone so you can watch them offline. Your TED profile is also synchronized across all of your devices.

7. Daylio – Best Free Apps For Students


It’s a cute, simple tracker that you may use to monitor changes in your mental health. The application is simple to adapt to individual needs, aids in habit understanding tracks specific emotional patterns, and identifies factors that influence mood improvement or worsening.

8. Sleep Cycle

This program will track your adherence to the sleep and rest plan and wake you up during a certain sleep phase that is optimum for a simple awakening. It is intended to promote good sleep and adequate rest before class.

9. Timetable

Although there is a tonne of electronic diaries, most of them are more suitable for work than for academic purposes. However, the Timetable application is primarily designed for schedules at schools and universities. It allows you to enter the times for assignments, research papers, exams, and projects in addition to the times for classes. It is suggested to list the days, locations, and times of the exam for each subject, as well as the teacher’s name. The application will use the data it gathers to remind you when it’s time to study and to silence your phone for the duration of the session.

10. SwiftScan – Best Free Apps For Students

Best Free Apps For Students

You frequently need to use manuals and library books while studying, which can only be done in the reading room. It is not worthwhile to discuss the lecture notes of others. The SwiftScan scanner app will perform better than a phone camera in a circumstance when you need to swiftly copy a lot of text. Send documents through email or fax, create free, high-quality Pdfs or Jpeg format scans with just one tap, and upload files to iCloud Drive, Boxes, Dropbox, Evernote, as well as other cloud storage services.

11. Todoist

ToDoist is a straightforward scheduler with an easy-to-use UI that enables you to quickly and easily register an unexpected meeting or a rescheduled appointment. When there isn’t enough time or chance to jot down events in-depth, it is appropriate for rapid, brief notes regarding affairs and events. The scheduler is also fairly useful; cases may be grouped, progress on each “project” can be tracked, tasks can be viewed according to urgency, priority, etc., and reminders can be created. Karma points are given after each task is finished, which encourages you to keep working. The application may sync with the Google calendar in the commercial edition.

12. Nike+ Training Club

Students frequently overlook the importance of maintaining good physical health for studying since when the body is too exhausted, the mind also performs poorly. Exercise is excellent for breaks (particularly during a session). The free sports app Nike+ Training Club is a nice one. It has numerous exercises in the aerobic, strength, and stretching categories. All of them come with thorough explanations and instructional videos from well-known experts.

13. CoinKeeper

It’s a practical, user-friendly budget-tracking app. Simply move a coin from one account to another or select an expense category to start recording your expenses. There are limitations on categories; if you spend too much in a month, the application will become angry and redden the symbol. Numerous expenditure categories, the ability to create a budget, comments and labels for expenditure, reading checks, and granting family members access are all available. New spending categories, reminders for recurring payments, and detailed statistics are all included in the complete edition. You can import money transfers into the application on the iOS platform.

14. Insight Timer


After long, busy study days, it’s a good idea to set aside some time for meditation to help you relax. The largest and most used free meditation software, Insight Timer, features more than 4k meditation instructions from more than 1,000 experts. Empathy, nature, anxiety, and other subjects are covered. There are also lectures and teacher interviews available. For those who prefer brief meditation and want to be gently brought back to reality, the application also includes a timer.

15. LiveCarta – Best Free Apps For Students

The instructive books you have in your hand are like an entire library! Use the app to read all of your books and study materials.

Read all of your LiveCarta books, highlight and make notes. Full offline mode lets you study without even an internet connection. Books & materials, notes, & highlights are automatically synced across all of your devices.

Try LiveCarta if you wish to get the most out of your study habits. Study more effectively by reading books, and you could even make money from your knowledge!

In conclusion, it’s not easy to find the Best Free Apps For Students, so I’ve done the work for you. I’ve compiled a list of the Best free apps for students. You can also read my Top 10 Freelancing Apps in 2022.

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