10 Best Calculator Apps For Android in 2022

10 Best Calculator Apps For Android

A calculator is necessary for everyone. Better than others are some.

Best Calculator Apps for Android


A calculator is necessary for everyone. As a result, there have been a lot of calculators over the years, and you can discover them very easily. They are practically a must for students to attend school, and the majority of people use them to determine things like how much to tip in restaurants. Android can meet all of your requirements in this situation, believe it or not. The top Android calculator apps are listed below.

The best calculator apps for Android

The best calculator apps are discussed here.


The makers of Today Weather’s calculator software, strangely enough, also created Calc. The creators performed a great job with the weather app, and they also did a great job with the calculator app market. This calculator app has a straightforward interface and is basic and useful. A calculator history, themes, and the option to reuse previous solutions in subsequent calculations are a few of the features. It’s wonderful for basic usage, but some users dislike the advertising approach and occasionally find errors. Although we don’t advise using this in college-level trigonometry classes, it should work just fine to divide up a lunch tab.


Among the most used calculator, Android applications are Calcu. It includes all the fundamentals. A computation history, memory keys, different customization options, themes, and gesture controls are a few other features. Although it lacks all the features of a full scientific calculator, it does contain enough features to go beyond those found in standard calculators. Advertising is present in the app’s free edition. For a single $1.99 purchase, advertising can be removed. The differences between the two versions are minimal. It is a strong rival to the stock calculator software that is pre-installed on most devices.



ClevCalc is a bit of an all-purpose calculator program. It has a standard calculator with all of the standard operators. Simple logarithmic and trigonometric functions are also included. But the other things this calculator is capable of are what make it stand out. A unit price calculator, unit conversion, currency conversion, and several other tools are just a few of its extra features. A discount calculator is yet another illustration. The app will inform you of the new retail price after you enter the price and the discount percentage. The complete list is quite long, so we recommend reading the Play Store summary to see it.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Best Calculator Apps For Android

The mobile equivalent of the more well-known graphing calculators is the Demos Graphing Calculator. Like most calculator apps, it can perform fundamental operations. Additionally, a wide range of scientific calculator choices is available. Additionally, it is capable of creating graphs, tables, statistics, and other things. Graphs are interactive and offer a wealth of data for sharing. Tables and statistics can also be customized. The majority of academic settings will benefit from it. There are no in-app purchases and it is free.

Digitalchemy calculator apps

On Google Play, Digitalchemy is a developer. There are three calculator apps in total. Calculator Plus is the first. It’s a simple calculator that does all the functions you’d anticipate from a calculator app. The calculator for fractions is the second. Its primary subject is fractions. You can perform calculations utilizing them without having to convert them to decimal form. This is fantastic for teaching young children mathematics. Artful Calculator is the last option. It’s just Calculator Plus with more artistic themes. You can choose from any of them, but this one was chosen since it has a nice fractions calculator and you don’t come across such very often.

Financial Calculators

A collection of calculators called Financial Calculators can help you understand your finances. You may quickly and conveniently calculate anything from 401(k) donations to student loan repayment, house loan interest, and even how much in taxes you owe every paycheck using one of its various modes. Several of the modes have reported a few issues, however, the vast majority of them function flawlessly. Anyone who needs assistance with financial calculations should look at this. There are no in-app purchases and it is free. Ads are present, though.

HiEdu Scientific Calculator


A remarkably decent scientific calculator is HiEdu Scientific Calculator. It correctly completes all fundamental tasks as it ought to. Additionally, it functions with more complex concepts like logarithms and similar ones. The program has over 1,000 arithmetic formulas, and the UI is clear and uncomplicated. Other calculators are available for graphing, so you can pretty much do everything you need. Even though some people might find that upsetting, the statement is true. The price of the pro version is $1.49.

HiPER Scientific Calculator

One of the finest calculator apps, particularly for usage in schools, is HiPER Scientific Calculator. It has the majority of the fundamental scientific calculator features a unit converter with over 200 built-in conversions, and even some esoteric options like a random number generator and permutations, etc. The free version offers the majority of the capabilities, while the pro version adds a maximum of 100 decimal places and 9 exponent digits. This one allows for theming as well. The free version is functional as well as the pro version, which costs $2.99.

MyScript Calculator 2

One of the more fun calculator Android apps is MyScript Calculator 2. You can type out your equation using it. The program uses OCR to convert it into text format, which it then uses to assist you in solving the issue. It’s simple to use, entertaining for both adults and children, and there’s a certain satisfaction in creating the equation on your own. The software supports fundamental operations, as well as logarithms, constants, powers, roots, exponentials, rudimentary trigonometry, and more. Therefore, for the majority of people, it’s adequate throughout high school and up through the university levels. However, people who dabble in extremely difficult math will quickly reach the app’s maximum capacity.

Your phone’s calculator

Here’s the thing, folks. Unless you’re a student, a mathematician, or an accountant, you probably don’t need a super complicated calculator app. A lot of people only need these things for determining how much to tip at a restaurant or count down their cash drawers at the end of the night at work. For that, the calculator your phone already has is perfectly capable of doing the job. We only recommend the other nine apps on this list if your built-in calculator is bad. Don’t feel the need to download a third-party app just for the sake of it. For those interested, Google Calculator is linked at the button below if you want the most basic calculator that just

In conclusion, it’s not easy to find the Best Calculator Apps For Android, so I’ve done the work for you. I’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Calculator Apps For Android in 2022. You can also read 10 Best Android Budget Management Apps in 2022.

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