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Why GBWhatsApp Is Not Safe:

Why GBWhatsApp Is Not Safe?

GBWhatsApp is a new application that can be used on your mobile phone. The app was developed by a company called Gigabit, which is based in India. However, it is unclear why the application was developed or who exactly is behind it. It seems like the developer has some kind of grudge against Microsoft. This could be a reason why they decided to develop this application.

Risks Of Using GBWhatsApp

The most popular app now for sharing texts, audio files, and videos is WhatsApp. The introduction of numerous new modified versions, such as WhatsAppPlus, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Prime, has changed this. The most popular app among all of these WhatsApp Mods is Install GBWhatsApp. Its features have proven to be superior to those of the original version and all modified versions. Below are a few of its attributes

  • You can conceal your online status, double tick, and blue tick. 
  • The language support in GBWhatsApp is extensive. 
  • You can lock specific conversations with a password if you have any private conversations with other people. 
  • You can customize the WhatsApp theme to your liking and even send it to the creator of GBWhatsapp so they can add it to their collection of themes. 
  • Additionally, you get infinite WhatsApp story storage. 
  • Additionally, GBWhatsApp lets you share films up to 16GB in size. 

So, these are some of the features which make GBWhatsApp different from other WhatsApp mods as well as from the original version. But the app which is offering such remarkable features, as well as free downloading, is safe to use? In a big doubt, right? 

So, what is the need to worry? I am here to guide you so that you will not face any problems in the future. So guys, let me tell you that it is not safe to use GBWhatsApp. I will share with you Why GBWhatsApp Is Not Safe. So, let’s have a look to see what problems the user may face if he/she will use GBWhatsApp instead of the official version. 

Why GBWhatsApp Is Not Safe

Risks Of Using GBWhatsApp 

Risk 1: Your potential messages are not secure. Yes, gentlemen, there is no assurance that your communication won’t be viewed by a stranger. There is a possibility that the private messages you send to your loved ones won’t make it via third-party servers. 

Therefore, it is dangerous to reveal any personal information, including passwords and financial details. Therefore, use caution when using any WhatsApp mod, including GBWhatsApp. 

Risk 2: Due to the less secure hosted servers, GBWhatsApp is more likely to implant malware and spyware that resembles viruses. The only person liable for any issues brought on by WhatsApp Mods will be you. These viruses have the potential to corrupt your data. 

Risk 3: Although unofficial, WhatsApp apps like GBWhatsApp are also not unlawful. As a result, the Google Play app store does not carry them. It indicates that they are accessible online rather than through the Google Play Store. Therefore, you can encounter negative ads that make it challenging to upgrade your app. 

Risk 4: Official WhatsApp has prohibited the use of WhatsApp Mods. WhatsApp Mods are widely used, according to many people. If you are found using WhatsApp Mods, the official version of the app has the right to ban you at any time. Therefore, use caution and give it some thought before installing WhatsApp Apps like GBWhatsApp. 


In conclusion, it’s not easy to find out Why GBWhatsApp Is Not Safe, so I’ve done the work for you. You can also read my Are Telegram Messages Encrypted in 2022? 

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