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Apple’s App Store has always been a favorite among entrepreneurs, but it has recently become a major headache for many. In fact, there are so many apps that have been rejected by the review team that it has become a common occurrence. While this is certainly frustrating, it is also an opportunity. If you have been rejected from the App Store, you may be missing out on the chance to launch your next great product. That’s why you need to understand what the review team is looking for and how to get your app back on track. Here’s how to get your app store back.

There are so many reasons that your app might get rejected.

Some of these include:

– Your app does not follow Apple’s guidelines.

– Your app contains content that violates the terms of the App Store.

– Your app uses inappropriate graphics or icons.

– Your app contains content that is unsuitable for children.

– Your app does not offer adequate privacy and security features.

It is important to know that every app will be reviewed at one point or another. If your app has been rejected, you have to keep your head up and keep working on it. If you are determined to make a comeback, you should try to make improvements that will convince the reviewer that your app deserves a second chance.

 How to get the App Store back on Home Screen

in iPhone 6 We have all had this experience of not being able to access our phone’s app store. This happens when the phone has been locked by a passcode for some time or if the device is stolen. The only way to open the App Store is to enter the passcode to unlock the phone. This is a common problem that every iPhone user faces at some point in time. Most of the users get frustrated when they try to do something with the phone but they are unable to do so because their phone is locked.

how to get the app store back on iPad

This post discusses ways to get your app store back on your iPad. It also includes an easy-to-follow guide that will help you quickly get your apps back on the iPad.


In conclusion, the more apps you have, the better it is for you and your customers. That’s why it’s important to regularly update your app and keep it fresh and new. It’s also important to maintain good relations with your customers and provide them with valuable content.

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